Thursday, 10 November 2011

MICHAEL LINDSEY Crime Scene Photos

These Photos were taken by the police when they first arrived on the scene but were not discovered by the defense until too late to be of any help to the defense.
Some believe that they were kept out of site to avoid the possibility that having a jury view them might have influenced the outcome of the trial -- which appears to have been decided from the outset.
The "First Responders" took 45 minutes to get there -- by which time the other person had 'bled out" and died.
The dead man was the assailant and had come to Mike's home with the express purpose of starting a fight. 

Under Mississippi's "Stand your ground"  law -- known as the "Castle Doctrine"  Lethal Force is permissable in defense of your own life or the lives of others. The question here would be whether Mike had sufficient reason to fear for his life. Was he in serious danger? You decide!.

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