Saturday, 10 March 2012

Mississippi Death Row Contact Visits

The men and woman on Mississippi death row have went years, and some even decades without human contact. It is said a baby would die without human contact. So will the spirit of a adult without contact.

We are working on a joint effort with the men and woman on Mississippi death row to help them attain contact visits with there loved ones. They need our support out here to achieve this goal. Currently in Mississippi, the only time a loved will touch these men and woman is when there body is claimed.

Threats had been made that they would take tv, radio, canteen, phone calls, and visits if we brought attention the the row. This is not true... everything the men and woman on death row get was alloud by court order. They have much to hide, so please join us in this fight for humanity.

Thank you for your support.

We need to sign the petition and email officals
Email; Chistopher Epps Commissioner:

Emmitt Sparkman Deputy Commissioner:

Correction Committee Members:

Petition link

Video link

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