Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Silent Voices Of Mississippi

The Silent Voices Of Mississippi was Founded by, Darcy Delaproser and Co-Founded by, Michelle Schmude. It was established to bring attention to what was happening in Mississippi. Both for death row, and state inmates. The Silent Voices of Mississippi is a platform to give the men/women in Mississippi a voice, to bring attention to these cases, and the inhumane conditions these men/women are forced to live in. Darcy has long been a advocate for juveniles, and has advocated many years relentlessly for Joesph Brown, a innocent man on Mississippi's death row. She has long been known as, "The Voice Of The Voiceless". We are proud to announce that Charity Lee from the Ella Foundation, and Mark Clement from Campaign to End the Death Penalty have joined us in our fight. We are working in a combined effort to start a Chapter of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty, in Mississippi. We believe this will give the men/women on death row a much larger platform with national support. This can also work as a tool helping the families and loved ones of those incarnated. Please share your thanks and continued support with Mark Clement and Charity Lee, as you all have done so graciously with us over the past year. Silent Voices Of Mississippi, Darcy Delaproser Michelle Schmude

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