Thursday, 29 November 2012

Mississippi Death Row Christmas Card List

Bobby Batiste 153435
Frederick Bell 81039
Devin Bennett L4820
James Billiot 8114
Joseph Patri Brown 45415
Sherwood Dwa Brown 26754
Xavier Brown 44781
Caleb Correthers K0375
Anthony Carr 75337
Ricky Chase 74170
Ronnie Lee Conner 42219
David Cox 178476
Charles Ray Crawford 82068
Jeffery K. Davis 79350
Kenneth Davis 64881
David Dickerson 177151
Curtis Giova Flowers R2436
Leslie Galloway 130792
Roger Lee Gillett 133700
Joseph Bishop Goff 111487
Goodin,Howard Dean 41165
Blayde N. Grayson 37922
Jeffrey Keith Havard L3955
Quintez Hodges R6937
Erik Wayne Hollie 157022
Eddie Lee Jr. Howard 30856
Marlon Howell R7984
Kelvin Jordan 66570
Richard G. Jordan 30990
Jason Lee Keller M0564
Mack Arthur King 37111
Steven Michael Knox R9991
Thong Le L2460
Thomas Loden K8126
Willie Jerom Manning 71931
Eric Moffett M1659
Terry Pitchford 117778
Stephen E. Powers K5020
Timothy Ronk 141817
Willie Russell 42239
Kevin Scott R6570
Robert Jr. Simon 46380
Clyde Wendel Smith 44932
Roger Thorson 8836
Justin Underwood 55372
Alan Dale Walker 77293
Derrick Demo Walker L6016
William Matthew Wilson 129500
Inmate name and # Unit 29 J Bldg. Parchman, Ms. 38738
Please remember to include your address on enevlope or they will not deliver.
Thank you all in advance, Darcy & Michelle

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