Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Aaron Finley -- FINALLY FRAMED!
Back in 1994 certain authorities in Meridian Mississippi wanted to convict Aaron Finley of Capital Murder.

They were hampered in their efforts by the simple fact that they had no evidence to connect him to the crime and his alibi was solid.

They had already arrested the actual culprit but thought it would be more impressive if they could get multiple convictions. They issued a warrant for Aaron and – knowing he had nothing to hide – he turned himself in at the police station.

Aaron was charged with Capital Murder for shooting and robbing a man and they held him from November of ’94 to August of ’95. When they could get no indictment from three terms of the Grand Jury he was finally released on a writ of Habeas Corpus.
The actual killer was never released and was convicted of Capital Murder but at his defense presented another man who was willing to testify that he shared a cell with Aaron and that Aaron talked of being involved in the crime.

Aaron says he never met the new witness and there is no record that they ever shared a cell or anything else.

With this new man in the game the killer, Willie Davis, was able to strike a deal with the D.A. to avoid the Death Penalty. (The D.A. really wanted Aaron!)

The deal was to the effect that Willie would now testify against Aaron to corroborate the story from the jailhouse snitch – who had been released from his 15 year drug sentence and shipped off to Florida. Willie agreed to being sentenced by the Judge to life without parole in exchange for his new testimony. He waived his right to appeal but avoided the Death Penalty by swearing to what they wanted to hear.

Thus it was that in April of 1996 Aaron was indicted for Capital Murder for the “Beating and Drowning” of a man he had previously been charged with shooting.

Aaron went back to the police and turned himself in again.

In spite of what the indictment said Willie Davis testified that Aaron “Shot and Beat” the victim.

Corey Pack, The Snitch, was doing 15 years for the sale of Cocaine but was released on probation and sent back to his home in Florida. He never shared a cell with Aaron but claimed he did and said what the D.A. needed him to say to get another notch on his conviction trophy.

Aaron’s witnesses were not called.

Aaron Finley was sentenced to “Life Without Possibility of Parole” and he is still there – still praying for Justice.

But this is Mississippi…


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