Friday, 9 September 2011


Mississippi has long been a state that has went unnoticed. The DR inmates are in desperate need of help. They have a potential of four more executions this year alone. Brutality runs ramped anoungest officers, conditions are so poor that many cells flood each time it rains, and there are no cameras.
Each time there is a execution, it is quickly swept under the rug. I have no doubt several innocent men have been executed there. That is why former warden Cabana resigned, believing he took part in the execution of a innocent man.
This is a state that still believe its fighting the Civil War. Governor Barbour wanted to put the confederate flag on there license plates. He also publicly said, he felt segregation wasn't that bad!
There was a lawsuit that was filed on behalf of fifteen DR inmates
Where by lawyers own admittance these men received inadequate representation. Currently, three of the DR inmates named in this lawsuit have been executed. The USSC has refused to grant stays based on the Knox Lawsuit. Furthermore, Mississippi is known for poor storage of evidence, and often times claiming, it is LOST! In the case of Fredrick Bell, the state lost the evidence witch in fact could clear his name. Freddie received a stay in December 2010, but is by no means out of danger of execution.
Now, as the state prepares to take more lives, I received a letter from Mathew Puckett pleading for me to help save his life. Anyone willing to assist, or come up with statagies, please in box me. Matt needs everyones help!!!

@by Michelle Schmude

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