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Today's date is 8/11/1992. Time is 7:40pm. Present is myself, Det. Robert Dawson along with Ms. Rachael Walker. We are going to be interviewing her in case #92-089426 charge of Capitol Murder and Armed Robbery of charter 61 South on 8/7/92 of this year approximately 2:58am.
Det. Dawson: Ms. Walker, was your rights read to you, on this piece of paper?
Rachael Walker: Yes they was.
Det. Dawson: Ok, can you state your name, address, date of birth and all that for me?
Rachael Walker: .... inaudible.......
Det. Dawson: State your......
Rachael Walker: Rachael Walker, March 3, 1966
Det. Dawson: Go ahead, do you have a phone?
Rachael Walker: No Sir.
Det. Dawson: Ok, Ms. Walker. On August 7,1992, approximately 2:52am. A robbery and a shooting was occurred on 61 South what taken the life of Ms. Margret Day which is charged.... Capital Murder charge at this time. Are there anything or uh.... you can tell me or what you know about this charge?
Rachael Walker: Well, I know Joseph Brown killer her.
Det. Dawson: How you know Joseph Brown killer her?
Rachael Walker: I was sitting outside in his... in his... in the vehicle when he pulled up... couple of shots.
Det. Dawson: What kind of vehicle was ya'll in?
Rachael Walker: In a black truck..... inaudible... picked the uh.... after she fell he got the cash register and picked it up and come outside and got in the truck and pulled off.
Det. Dawson: Ok, where did he put the cash register in the truck?
Rachael Dawson: On the front seat of the truck and then he went downtown and after he got the money out of the cash register....
What.... what kind of money did he get out of the cash register?
Rachael Dawson: Some ones and quarters, nickels, and dimes, and a two dollar bill and he went stole some dope and then he got out and left and went somewhere and come back. I don't know where he went to but he left me downtown and then the person that he.... that he had had..... it was his pistol and I... he asked me for to see if I could get anything for it and I asked Floyd cause I knew him for to let me borrow two......
Det. Dawson: Floyd... Floyd who... who is you talking about?
Rachael Walker: Floyd... Floyd Newman to let me borrow twenty dollars and I will come back to Joseph and he went .... inaudible.... again from doing it and got high and we stayed right uptown all.... all that night and say about seven fifty that morning we left there and then went to my sister house.
Det. Dawson: Ok, probably what time did ya'll come down there in the 200 block?
Rachael Walker: Between three and three thirty.
Det. Dawson: Ok the truck, was it a ford, Chevrolet or what?
Rachael Walker: a black, it was a black ford. Didn't have a tag on it.
Det. Dawson: Ok, did you see Mr. Joseph Brown when he shot the lady, what happened after you heard the shot, what did you see happen?
Rachael Walker: When he shot the her she grabbed her chest and she then... then he shot her again. I don't know where he shot at and then she turned around and he shot .... the gun.... evidentially shot two or three more times and she fell and he grabbed the cash register and come out the store.
Det. Dawson: Did he tell you he shot this lady?
Rachael Walker: He didn't say anything to me, he just got the cash register and got in the truck and pulled off and it wasn't no cars coming on the highway any... no whole of traffic then.
Now just with that part of one of Rachael's statement there is many inconsistencies. She stated in one statement Joseph was with her when she sold the gun. She had also stated that he was with her when he bought drugs. She also stated in court that Joseph told her when he got in the truck, "if you love me you wont tell anyone". In yet another statement she stated it was a yellow truck, then at another time, said it was a car with two men inside. Joseph never gave a statement upon his arrest cause he had no clue what he was being arrested for. He couldn't tell them, what he didn't know! Sharon Grinell testified Joseph wasn't running downtown with Rachael. She didn't see him with her at all after the arrived downtown.
After Joseph is arrested he was put on second floor, he found out Rachael is on third floor. He had a trustee, Larry Gooden to take her a note (not knowing he was taking them to the police first to be copied) to let her know he was okay and to ask how she was. For about a year Rachael and* posh passed notes back and forth, to keep each other up to what they were hearing about the case, and what they were doing through lawyers and family to try to help with this ( Joseph had no idea at this point that Rachael was any part of this crime. If his lawyer knew, he never told him, so the thought never crossed his mind at that point). He wrote in his letters that Rachael should flush and destroy them. Not because of any guilt like they claimed, but because he didn't want to get the trustee in any trouble for passing notes. They were not allowed to do that in jail.
Sadly this story is all true, but a innocent man sits at Parchman Prison on Death Row with no evidence except uncreditable witness statements. Rachael story has changed many times, but Joseph's has always remained the same.
by Michelle Schmude

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