Saturday, 24 September 2011

Call and email

As temperatures begin to drop the DR inmates are without blankets and coats. Most nights the temps are as low as 50. Even the guards are coming to work, wearing a coat. The state inmates were given long johns while the DR inmates were given nothing. Many of the men have developed serious colds, and we fear the possibilities of pneumonia with the lack of proper medical care. They are now charging the DR inmates 6$ to see the Dr. The roof continues to leak although, they did calk around the windows. Some cells literally flood when it rains.

We need to have a massive call in, to correct these serious issues. Parchman has long been a facility that neglects the basic human necessities of the inmates.

in the past we found mr. john mayo to be a fantastic advocate. i would recommend we contact him first.

Call and email;
Representative and Correction Committee Member,John Mayo
Corrections Commissioner Christopher Epps
Superintendent Emmitt Sparkman
662-745-6611 or 661-359-5610

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  1. thank u for increasing our awareness on these painful concepts and hurting people. keep on.