Friday, 9 September 2011

Rodney Gray Never For Gotton
The Book pertaining to life

The Book pertaining to life is the Bible;
The best selling Book of them all!
But to own this Book and not read it;
Means you miss what the pages foretell!

This life has no real meaning,
Unless you believe in the Lord,
Then life will have meaning my friend;
So just read and trust in His word!

The Book of knowledge the Bible;
Was written for you and for me;
Written by man but inspired by God,
Through the Spirit of Eternity!

The Spirit of God must guide us;
For we must have the Spirit within;
To more fully grasp the meaning of,
The words that are written therein!

To the foolish, proud and misguided,
This book has no meaning at all.
But the wise, trusting and prudent;
know by reading God's grace will abound!
By: Albert Woodrow Pelley

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