Friday, 9 September 2011

Brutality AT Parchman, Mississippi Death Row 
(posted on my friend's behalf) On 7/13. Lt Antonio Gaithers come to my cell at 12:30/1am for a cell search. After strip searching me in the nude. He placed me handcuffs behind my back. Then placed shackles on my feet. After taking me out of the cell and into the hallway, he questioned me about a cell phone. Saying he was sent to get One word led to another and Lt gaithers then took his mace can out and sprayed me in the eyes with mace and then shoved me into the cell bars of the guy in the next cell.
On 7/14. I was placed in isolation. Where in 7/16. I reported the incident to captain Norris Morris who claim not to be aware of the situation. I then reported the incident to warden lee in 7/18.
As of this date. No one has responded and no actions have been taken against lt gaithers for the abuse of power he used that night!! I could have been seriously injured with more than a few cuts and bruises. But more so. I could have been BLINDED and no one gives a damn!!

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